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The Korean Green Competition focuses on feature films whereby 6 titles are selected. New discoveriesare chosen over films that already had sufficient public exposure, to give them a full introduction duringGFFIS.
A film director who used to be indifferent towards the world realizes the value of solidarity andpeace during a bike journey through 3 Northeast Asian countries in Another World, presenting coopmembers’ quest for healthy food production in Welcome, Let’s Live Together, highlighting the valueof life from a little girl’s point-of-view as she encounters a wrecked ship buried under the sea in AGirl and a Shipwreck, featuring the account of people laboring over the land and sea they live on inpoetic and innovative film language as the camera shifts between Korea and France in Résonances,exploring residents’ memories and therelationship between reality and space through an old dog of aSeoul neighborhood faced with redevelopment in Baek-gu, and observing Palestinians in their effortsto preserve the land and memories of their ancestor’s now occupied by Israel in All live Olive will beshowcased.

The Korean environmental films of this year are filled with works that explore the meaning of theenvironment, peace and life through the bodies, scents and memories of people who occupy certainspecific spaces. These are not works that claim the appropriateness of an issue by asserting itspolitical correctness or logic and cause, and engage in a struggle, but mature environmental films thatobserve our lives and nudge us into experiencing various environmental issues.

Baek-gul개의 역사

  • Director : KIM Boram
  • Nation : Korea
  • Year : 2017
  • Running Time : 83min
  • Genre : Documentary

Screening Schedule

Date Time Venue Ratings Subtitles GT
2017-05-21 12:00 GT
2017-05-24 10:30



At a deserted empty neighborhood lot in Seoul lives an old dog. As people just pass by, the dog spends its time solitarily chasing birds and dozing off in the sun. At first people seem indifferent to the dog until little by little, they start pulling out memories of it. The camera floats through memory and reality to start gazing at the faces of the people who have become just parts of the landscape.

-Program Note

Everyone and everything has a story and so does Baek-gu, a stray dog living on the streets of a quite residential neighborhood in Seoul. When and how has Baek-gu come and lived in this neighborhood, alone with no owner or family? Beginning with questions about an old stray dog, Baek-gu is a documentary-essay film digging into the stories and traces of lives that are easily neglected, forgotten and disappearing in modern city life. While following these stories, the director reveals her own floating life, frequently moving from one pace to another, and memories of her past. As neighborhoods, relationships, everything changes and disappears fast in the city, the trace of life or existence is easily removed and forgotten. Documenting the stories and traces of lives that are often overlooked in urban anonymity, this film offers a time to rediscover the meaning of our being and living here today. (HWANG Hei-rim)

- Director
KIM Boram
KIM Boram

Born in 1984. KIM was a magazine reporter for two years. After graduating on Mediact’s documentary production course, she has worked on documentary films as a member of P.U.R.N PRODUCTION since 2014. She directed Struggle before the Marriage (2013), Shall We Talk (2014). Baek-gu (2017) is her first feature.


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