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The Korean Green Competition focuses on feature films whereby 6 titles are selected. New discoveriesare chosen over films that already had sufficient public exposure, to give them a full introduction duringGFFIS.
A film director who used to be indifferent towards the world realizes the value of solidarity andpeace during a bike journey through 3 Northeast Asian countries in Another World, presenting coopmembers’ quest for healthy food production in Welcome, Let’s Live Together, highlighting the valueof life from a little girl’s point-of-view as she encounters a wrecked ship buried under the sea in AGirl and a Shipwreck, featuring the account of people laboring over the land and sea they live on inpoetic and innovative film language as the camera shifts between Korea and France in Résonances,exploring residents’ memories and therelationship between reality and space through an old dog of aSeoul neighborhood faced with redevelopment in Baek-gu, and observing Palestinians in their effortsto preserve the land and memories of their ancestor’s now occupied by Israel in All live Olive will beshowcased.

The Korean environmental films of this year are filled with works that explore the meaning of theenvironment, peace and life through the bodies, scents and memories of people who occupy certainspecific spaces. These are not works that claim the appropriateness of an issue by asserting itspolitical correctness or logic and cause, and engage in a struggle, but mature environmental films thatobserve our lives and nudge us into experiencing various environmental issues.

Another World l다른 세계

  • Director : YANG Suhwan
  • Nation : Korea
  • Year : 2017
  • Running Time : 102min
  • Genre : Documentary

Screening Schedule

Date Time Venue Ratings Subtitles GT
2017-05-21 16:30 GT
2017-05-23 10:30



This film is an 88-day bicycle trip for peace that goes through Taiwan-Okinawa-Korea. It shows the landscapes the two young men pass through
and the stories of the people they bond with during their trip. This is an embarrassing confession by the director who used to be indifferent and
ignorant to the world as well as the documentation of those who gave up their places in the name of solidarity.

-Program Note

Two young friends choose to literally embark on a journey instead of soul searching. They cross the sea on their bikes to reach Taiwan and Okinawa where they encounter the daily struggle of the people there to shut down nuclear plants or stop military bases. This reminds the two friends of their comrades back in Korea and also that the life of the people fighting in a distant land is no different from the ones taking place in Miryang and Gangjeong in Korea. They reconfirm this is the pending reality of others as well. Subsequently, they tour through the Gangjeong Village and Paengmok Harbor to finally return to where they had started. And the confession of, “There is not one single place or person without any wounds” marks the end to the friend’s agonizing trip which started late autumn and ended in winter. The people’s solidarity may seem small and pitiful in the face of great capital and power, yet it is for this very reason, it is more than beautiful, because it will never stop despite being crushed and ignored. (LEE Yong Cheol)

- Director
YANG Suhwan
YANG Suhwan

YANG majored in Film, Video and Moving Image at Hongik University and has been striving to live as a film producer of independent films. His interest lies in peace, human rights and the environment. He continues contemplating how he can live on without losing his humanity amongst the complex network of human relationships.


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