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  • Director : Giulia BRUNO, Lida PERIN
  • Nation : Germany/Italy
  • Year : 2014
  • Running Time : 27min
  • Genre : Documentary

Screening Schedule

Date Time Venue Ratings Subtitles GT
2016-05-09 17:00
2016-05-12 10:00



What unexpected contradictions might be hidden behind a resource often taken for granted in the 21st century? Drinking water seems to be a constant presence in our homes, in our lives and in our everyday activities. But this hasn’t always been the case, and in many places it still isn’t.

-Program Note

- Director
Giulia BRUNO, Lida PERIN
Giulia BRUNO, Lida PERIN

Giulia BRUNO (1978), lives in Berlin, Germany. She is an artist working with film and photography. Her film Capital was shown in several cinemas and festivals. Lida PERIN works with multimedia and video in Berlin. She worked for several years with the University of Padua in Italy as a lecturer for the MA programme in Education and Audiovisual Media.


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