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For this year’s GFFIS competition section, 1,550 titles from 104 countries have been submitted. This is100-some more works than last year which marked the largest number of submissions up to that time. 8titles from 6 countries have made the final cut. The particular aspect of this year is a significant numberof titles in competition are shared between the U.S. and China. Thequalitative and quantitative amountof works from these countries who held the most responsible for global environmental issues reflectthe fact that environmental issues are actively being discussed in these countries.

The main theme for this year’s Green Competition is to seek new visions for Climate Change / Post-Nuclear / For a New Environmental Movement. The threat to climate change caused by the abuseand indiscriminate development of fossil fuel has become the most prominent issue of the year. Filmsself-examining the various side effects of development in China are also noticeable. Others specifyingfrom various angles the severity of nuclear issues which are being justified in the name of economicefficiency and military politics have also become an agenda receiving special focus. In addition, thissection attempts to discover the voices of people excluded from environmental movements for theircritiques of existingenvironmental activists groups that have sided with commercialism, and to findfilms that contemplate future prospects of environmental movements as well.

The Lasting Persimmonl겨울 감나무

  • Director : CHIKAURA Kei
  • Nation : Japan
  • Year : 2015
  • Running Time : 15min
  • Genre : Fiction, Documentary

Screening Schedule

Date Time Venue Ratings Subtitles GT
2016-05-08 12:00 GT
2016-05-10 12:00



Risaki is coming back home to her wintery countryside, Yamagata which is 400km away from Tokyo. There is seemingly unchanging snowy life of her beloved family and home village– snow shoveling, making pickles, bridges over a big river covered with snow, and kaki fruits left unharvested on its tree.

-Program Note

The film based in a rural village of Yamagata, Japan, the village adults and children all keep themselves busy clearing the endlessly falling snow. On a more peaceful note, they also gather around a kotatsu (heated table) to prep pickled vegetables. Risaki ventures through heavily piled snow, almost up to her height to return to her hometown where her family still lives. Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Market is relocating to a new place after its original location was designated for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The news flash mentions the environmental issues before and after the development of the area. Risaki has lost something and is also yearning for something. The Lasting Persimmon is a film that shows, but doesn’t show. And it quietly utters its position on the environment as it contrasts the noise from the construction site in Tokyo with the silent peacefulness of the snow-covered village in Yamagata. (SONG Hyo Joung)

- Director

CHIKAURA Kei grew up in Germany and Japan. He studied cinema and economics at Osaka University and went on to work at several film productions. He founded Creatps Inc., a media production based in Tokyo and started directing movies. He directed music documentaries and live concert films of prominent musicians in Japan. The Lasting Persimmon was selected to the international competition at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2016.


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