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It is true that famous environmental movement groups all over the world have worked hard to improveworld environment. However, at times, these movements have also been criticized for selling outto commercialism and excluding the voices of those directly involved. Now these environmentalmovements need to step up to a more mature form of movement. This section introduces 5 films thatmake effort to uncover the unknown voices in existing environmental movements, and explore newvisions for a larger environmental movement that includes these voices.
Three films dealing with seal hunting, Sealers - One Last Hunt, Angry Inuk and How to Change theWorld will be screened in this section. The differing spectrums of these films offers the opportunityto understand which aspects are points of contact in existing environmental movements regardingseal and whale hunting. RISE: Red Power and When Two Worlds Collide restore the live native voicesoppressed during the American continent’s history of development to provide an alternative point-ofviewof the facts from the natives’ position. This section offers dramatic and thoughtful new visions onthe environmental movement.

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