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Green Competition

“Even Fine Dust is Caused by Climate Change”

A little more than a year has passed since the Paris Agreement was adopted by 195 countries. However, the environmental policies carried out by nations such as the U.S. and China who have played key roles in global warming are forewarning a pull-back, while the same goes for the Korean government who continues to introduce anti-environmental policies that construct a new coal-fired thermal power plant. These anti-environmental policies pushed forward in the name of short-sighted economic efficiency not only ignore the social costs generated by such policies, but raise serious issues by passing down the side effects and problem-solving costs caused from our generation’s convenience to the next generation. Accordingly, during the ‘Green Forum’ held during the 14th GFFIS, Korean Federation for Environmental Movements, Korea Green Foundation, Institute for Climate Change Action, Action Lawsuit Against Fine Dust and related environmental interest groups will get together to evaluate various climate change issues and discuss alternatives for the future generation based on a long-term point-of-view.

Host Korean Federation for Environmental Movements
Korea Green Foundation
Institute for Climate Change Action
Action Lawsuit Against Fine Dust
Moderator LEE Chang-hyun (professor, Kookmin University)
Presenter AHN Byungok (Head & Ph.D, Institute for Climate Change Action)
LEE Jieon (Climate and energy coordinator,
Korea Federation for Environmental Movements)
Discussant KIM Beob-Jeong
(Chief of Air Quality Policy Bureau, Ministry of Environment)
Lee Young kyung (General Manager, Energy Justice Actions)
Venue Ewha Womans University ECC Lee Sam-Bong Hall
Time 2017. 5.19. 16:30~18:30
Screening 5.19. 19:30~20:50
The Age of Consequences
(USA | 2016 | 80min | Documentary)
Screening Venue Ewha Womans University ECC Samsung Hall
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