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Green Competition Jury


Jerry ROTHWELL, director of award-winning documentaries at major international film festivals such as Donor Unknown and Deep Water. His 2015 work How to Change the World won the WorldCinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Editing at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and theBest Feature Film and Audience’s Choice Awards at the 2016 Green Film Festival in Seoul.

LEE Yong Cheol

Graduated from Yonsei University's School of Business. He works as a film critic and editorial staff webzineExtreme Movie and Cine 21.

JU Sungchul

Editor in chief of the weekly film magaznie, Cine21. He started his career as a film journalist at the monthly film magazine Kino in 2000 then moved to film weekly Film2.0. He has been working at Cine21 since 2007. His published works include, Hong Kong Film Road, The Leslie Cheung That WeLoved Back in the Days, The Master Craftsmen in Film of Our Time, 70 Things You Should Know IfYou Love Films, The Debuting Moment. He is currently hosting cable TV channel, ‘Channel CGV’ filminformation program, The Good Movie with filmmaker MIN Kyu-dong.

Korean Green Competition Jury


Film critic. The founder of website,, The author of New Korean Cinema: Breaking the Waves (2010) and Korean film program consultant at the Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy and the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain. He recently founded the ‘Wildflower Film Awards’ in Korea to recognize and promote the achievements in Korean independent and lowbudgetcinema. He was also cast in films such as The Taste of Money and Almost Che. He was bornin Boston and has been living in Seoul since 1997.

JANG Rhana

Film journalist at the week film magazine, M. JANG has worked at the monthly film magaznine, Screen and the weekly film magazine, Movie Week and continues working as a journalist in film. She claims watching films and

HONG Hyungsook

HONG has been working at Korea’s leading independent film group, ‘Seoul Visual Collective’ as a documentary filmmaker since 1987, and is currently working at documentary film production company, GAMUIN FILM. She directed a number of documentaries including, Doomealee: A New School Is Opening as well as On-Line: An Inside View of Korean Independent Film, The Border City,The Border City 2, and produced Forest Dancing and Boys Run both directed by KANG Seok-pil. Sheis in the process of making her next documentary while working as visiting professor at the KoreaNational University of Arts, School of Film TV & Multimedia, the Busan International Film FestivalAND Program mentor, and the Docs Port Incheon consultant.

Preliminary Selection Jury


SEOL Suan received her MA at the Goldsmiths, University of London in documentary theory and production. She directed several documentary shorts including Complicated Order and God Will TakeCare of It...? and has been working as programmer at film festivals such as the EBSInternationalDocumentary Festival, the Green Film Festival in Seoul and the Seoul International New MediaFestival since 2012. She has currently completed her Ph.D course at the Graduate School ofAdvanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film at Chung-Ang University and is now working onwriting and making her own non-fiction film.

MAENG Soojin

MAENG Soojin graduated from the Department of English Education, Korea University, and receiveda PhD from the Department of Theater and Film, Dongguk University. She was a member of theexecutive committee for the Seoul Independent Film Festival, a member of the steering committeefor the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, a staff critic for the weekly film magazineMovie Week, and the programmer for the Jeonju Film Festival and DMZInternational DocumentaryFilm Festival. She has written numerous book and translations including Truth or Fiction:Documentaries on the Border, Issues of Korean Short Films, and the translation for Faking it: Mockdocumentaryand the subversion of factuality.

HWANG Hei-rim

HWANG Hei-Rim is a producer at the film production/distribution company Metaplay and aprogrammer at Seoul International Food Film Festival. She studied film theory at the Birkbeck,University of London, U.K., and upon completing her studies, she programmed for the Green FilmFestival in Seoul and the Korea Green Foundation’s Green Archive from 2006 to 2011. From 2014,she has been serving as programmer for the Seoul International Food Film Festival. She has alsoproduced and distributed independent films such as short music documentary Reservoir Dogs Take1. South-Han River (with Windy City), Take 2.Nakdong River (with Bard & Jung Mina), and featuredocumentary SANDA: Surviving (2013).

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